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IJCST- Manuscript Submission

Manuscript Submission:

Submit your manuscript along with your cover letter as an attachment file to In the cover letter, kindly do not forget to mention the following. 

• Type of paper - Research/Review paper
*Subject (chemical science/Technology) and branch of the manuscript
• Undertaking statement that this manuscript is not under consideration for publication in any other journal

*Manuscript can be under any of the subjects but not limited to

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Geochemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Materials science
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical chemistry
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Thermochemistry
  • Food Chemistry
  • General Chemistry
  • Photochemistry
  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Astrochemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomolecular engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Nanoengineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biochemical engineering



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